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For this post I wanted to show a cool video I found that Red Bull made. It is a “Rube Goldberg” type machine, made out of a bunch of the top extreme sports athletes of today. A whole bunch of action goes on in a row as a “machine” to break open an ice cube with a  red bull inside.  This is not exactly meant to be an advertisement, but it is just one of many Red Bull videos, meant to spread cool ideas and inspiration.

Like other Red Bull posts, this one is again shrouded in mystery. Why would Red Bull spend money to get these athletes to make this video, spend all this time designing the set and ultimately film it without even putting a tag line or slogan? My answer, because they can! Red Bull is known for these types of videos without even hinting at their product. Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. That is all Red Bull is about. 

By showing off a cool video and only having a can of the product at the end may seem risky, but yet again, they pull it off with ease.  

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Extreme Sports are Conquering A New Frontier: Your Living Room

“The key is always people inspiring other people to action, and action is always at the heart of a great adventure.”

Based on the following article

This article was an interesting read on how more and more agencies are looking towards Extreme Sports as an avenue for marketing. Unilever recently started a ad camping called the masters of movement, featuring snowboards, rock climbers and mountain bikers pushing their bodies to the limit. 

Aaron Calloway the senior Brand Building Manager at Unilever says that action sports are participatory in nature and therefore more engaging. He states “you can’t go play baseball for an MLB team, but you can go climb a mountain.” These forms of advertising have a sense of wonder and inspiration. Seeing someone do something out of the ordinary and dangerous to me is so much more engaging then someone hitting a baseball or catching a football. 

This rapidly growing fan base will soon get the attention it deserves as more and more athletes are getting big time sponsorships and advertisement deals, rather than just planting a sticker on a helmet and calling it a day. 

How RedBull takes content marketing to the extreme

Based on this article

"Content marketing is not an ad on a billboard or a one-page spread in a magazine. It doesn’t have to be a commercial on cable television or the 28 annoying seconds before the start of that next YouTube hit." 

This was a fantastic article on Red Bull and there content marketing tactics. Everyone knows Red Bull is at the forefront of content marketing, but nobody can put a finger on exactly how they do it. There tactic at remaining on top? Not revealing there secret. Red Bull Media House who produces the Red Bulletin, and all of Red Bull’s videos only holds 135 positions, and is shrouded in secrecy. How are they so succesful.

Instead of advertising there drink, they tell a story and advertise a lifestyle. It almost seems like a miracle that this company can be so successful without actually putting its drink in the forefront of its campaign. By posting pictures and features about extreme athletes doing insane things, they have created a brand that speaks with images not words. There simple moto gives you wings is enough to boost there market control to 44%

Now if only some other marketer could crack the Red Bull code.   

" You are a post-consumption consumer. You have everything you need, and most everything you want. Except time."- Seth Godin ( The Purple Cow)

X Games is in the process of expanding their brand. Instead of holding events just in the U.S. they are spreading out over the world and bringing action sports to new and exciting locations. This commercial does a fantastic job of documenting all of the different sports that comprise the X games and also all of the new locations! 

I find this so clever and awesome! I wish I knew the backstory to where the customer would find this “Barf Bag”
It’s  a funny pun on airplane bags saying that snowboarders doing tricks in the air could cause vomiting. Its simple, subtle, and to me.. hilarious   View Larger

I find this so clever and awesome! I wish I knew the backstory to where the customer would find this “Barf Bag”

It’s  a funny pun on airplane bags saying that snowboarders doing tricks in the air could cause vomiting. Its simple, subtle, and to me.. hilarious  

For my first little entry I wanted to showcase one of Red Bull’s most expensive advertising campaigns. Red Bull Stratos. Red Bull took a team of scientists and engineers to develop a system to have a man sky dive…… from SPACE! The stunt was televised live, with all those watching, including myself, waiting in suspense to see if the man Felix Baumbargauther would land safely on earth. Like all of Red Bull’s commercials, this action had nothing to physically do with the drink, it’s more of a lifestyle attention getter. And this stunt actually “gives you wings”  Check out the recap of the Space Jump above. 

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I am Daniel Bowman a Junior at Virginia Tech, studying Public Relations and Marketing with a passion for spreading ideas and making changes in the world. My Blog is going to focus on advertising in the sports world, focusing mostly on extreme sports, and there affiliates. This could range from sports teams, to athlete sponsors, even resorts where such sports take place. I want to dive into this world and really begin to see how it is all connected. Not only do I want to look at the similarities, but the differences as well. Let’s see where this takes us!!